Have Questions About Title Loans?

California title loans make every possible effort to answer all your questions. So, get answers to all your questions here:

Q: What all documents and items should I have ready to get the instant car loan?

A: When you take out a title loan, following are the items and documents that you must have ready with you.

  1. You should ensure the title of the vehicle is in your name and there isn’t any liens left on it.
  2. You should have a Social Security Card that can give a proof of your identity.
  3. A utility or phone bill in your name so that your address can be verified and confirmed
  4. 2 references to contact to verify the accuracy of the details given by you at the time of filling out the application form.
  5. Your car insurance and a driving license approved and recognized by the state of California.
  6. A current pay stub to make sure you will be able to repay the loaned amount or not.
  7. Finally a copy of your car keys.

That’s it!

Q: What exactly are the California Car Title Loans?

A: California Car Title Loans are specifically designed for financially-strapped people in California. The primary object of these loans is to get you rid of the financial emergency that can arise anytime in your life. We, with our team of title loan experts, help you get the right type of car title programs, as per the lending laws prevailing in the state of California. We are fully professionals and take into account every minute thing related to rules and regulations to benefit our title loan customers in California.

Q: What if I’ve had a personal bankruptcy or have a bad credit history?

A: We don’t contemplate your personal bankruptcy and bad credit score. No matter how bad it has been, we can still offer you a loan based on your vehicle. We have better terms and conditions programs for those who are bankrupt and have bad credit history. So, forget what you did last summer?

Q: What should I do if I wish to settle my instant car title loans before 42 months?

A: The sooner you repay your loan the better for you. Not only it saves you from late payment charges, extra interest rates, extra fee or penalty, but it also keeps you relieved and mentally peaceful.

Q: What should I do when I find myself eligible for a title loan in California?

A: When we find you eligible to get a California title loan, one of our customer service agents will immediately contact you to help you through the remaining process. Our loan executive specifically assigned for you underwrites your loan and personally deal with your situation to get you the best possible car title loan.

Q: What would happen to my car after I get approved and secure the loan?

A: Nothing happens to your car. Your car is only yours. We just keep its title documents. And handing over those title docs to us doesn’t stop you from using your car. We understand it is your dream car and you need it to take care of your other works. And this is the car that will make you earn more and more money so that you are able to repay our loan in installments.

Q: Will references given to you be phoned and verified by someone in your company?

A: We have nothing to hide, and so is expected from you. Therefore, references given by you are certainly checked through so that the accuracy of the details filled in the application form can be verified. Not only is this safe for you, but for us, as well.


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