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California is a land of plenty –plenty of sun, plenty of beaches and beautiful people, plenty of opportunity.  So why shouldn’t California give its citizens plenty of loans when they need it?

Today, loans are tougher than ever to acquire.  Bank loans follow strict rules that make it almost impossible to get even the smallest loan.  And credit loans are only available to a select few depending on their employer and salary.  Loans are not as easy as everyone thinks.  There’s a hefty process that includes not only folders of documents, but also a pretty extensive waiting period.

Just when Californians thought all was lost in the loan world, along comes the title loan.  A small money, short-term loan that solves many money matters in less time than any other standard loan.  There’s no piles of paperwork or long waiting –title loans get money to clients fast and without any hassles.

Title Loans Care

When other loans demand proof of income, bank account statements, and even credit scores, title loans remove all that paperwork and focus solely on one objective –get the customer money and fast.  By passing mountains of paperwork, title loans in California can respond quicker than any other loan on the market.  Approval is only a matter of hours and to many applicants that’s a point of great relief.

Car is Key

Because title loans do not require credit checks or any other proof of personal assets, income, or employment status, they are quite easy to get –the only requirement is a car.  If you are the owner of a car or the near owner, meaning you have almost paid off a car, then you are eligible for a title loan today.  You must show proof of ownership in the form of the car’s title loan or by presenting car payment receipts.

Other Requirements

In order to solidify the title loan, the client must have a valid photo ID that proves an age of 18 or more along with a completed title loan application.  Both requirements are without stress and require very little effort from the applicant.

Car is Value

Each title loan is unique because each car is unique, we serve many areas in California including title loans in Los Angeles.  The value of the vehicle will depend on two major factors: the year of the car and the condition of the car.  Most title loans give about 75% of the car’s equity towards the loan.  In many cases, the client can expect to receive a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for the title loan.  The car’s estimate will be done by a team of professionals who will use the Kelley Blue Book as a guide to give the most accurate and up-to-date estimate.

Title Loan Payment Plans

As with the title loan quote, each case is special and therefore requires special planning.  Lenders will help clients chose the best plan to suit their current lifestyle and employment status.  There are plenty of options available, therefore clients should take their time when considering which plan they want.  If at any time during the repayment period the borrower cannot make payments or fears falling behind, they should consult their lender immediately.  This way, the borrower can avoid any issues with the payment plan or the title loan agency office.   

If you suspect illegal behavior or fraudulent activity or witness a crime, contact the local Fontana Police Department here.  

If you require guidance related to your car title or want to obtain a car title, contact your local Fontana DMV here.

If you feel you have been wronged or want to file a complaint against a title loan company, contact the California Bureau of Consumer Affairs here.    

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