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California is known for its prestigious beaches, blue skies, and relaxed attitudes. Not to mention all the luxuries any man or woman could want –beautiful people, beautiful houses, and beautiful views. It seems California has it all. But not all Californians are satisfied because not all Californians can get a loan to satisfy their needs.
While the world has modernized everything these days, one thing hasn’t been touched and that’s the process in how people can get a loan. Standard loans demand an extensive amount of paperwork to prove employment, good credit history, and assets –to mention only a few. This leaves many people without much hope. Not all Californians are fortunate enough to have everything despite popular belief. So just when citizens think there aren’t any solutions in their area, along comes the title loan in San Jose.
Title loans fill the gap. They provide clients with a loan that’s easy and fast. No collecting documents or long waiting periods –title loans take the stress out of getting a title loan giving people back their lives.


Who is eligible?
If you own a car or have a car that is almost paid-off, you are eligible.

What kind of credit score do I need?
Title loans in California do not require credit history to be a successful candidate. There is not credit score involved, therefore those with no credit or bad credit are more than welcome to apply for a title loan quote. Even applicants with bankruptcy on file have been successful candidates.

What kind of car should I have?
Any and all car are acceptable, however the applicant must be realistic when considering the value of his/her vehicle. Older cars will not warrant high loan amounts like a newer car. And car’s in better condition are more likely to earn higher points when it comes to the car estimate.

How much is the car estimate?
The car estimate is 100% free. No one pays for the free car quote.

How much time does the free car quote take?
It depends on the car and the team of car experts, but the average wait period is anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Who does the free car quote?
A group of car specialists with years of car estimate experience will determine the vehicle’s value.

How much money will I get?
Again, that depends on the condition and year of your car, but on average most title car loans are equal to but not greater than 75% of the car’s equity. In some cases the price can be a few hundred whereas in other is can be a few thousand.

How do I get the loan?
Once you have the free car quote, you will meet with the lender to discuss the details of the contract and the payment plan. After those issues have been addressed, you will be given the address to a convenience location where you can pick up your money.

When can I get the loan?
The standard practice will give customers their loan in approximately 24-48 hours.

How do I pay back the loan?
This will be reviewed between you and your title loan lender. As there are many options available, there is surely one that will suit your situation and lifestyle.

What if I can’t pay back my loan?
If you find yourself in another financial hardship or falling behind on payments, you must talk to your title loan lender immediately. The lender will help find a solution for you.

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