Car Title Loans Huntington Beach, California

We are all susceptible to emergencies which completely catch us unaware. In most cases, we are left without any tangible means of confronting or solving them. It's why the existence of title loans is of great importance not only to us as lenders but especially for you as a borrower. You can get the fast cash you need for eliminating your emergency. You can approach us no matter where you reside in Orange County. Be it anywhere in Huntington Beach, from Warner Ave to Hamilton Ave, you can avail our services for all your emergency requirements.

Status of Title Loans

Title loans is a fast growing service that provides a convenient alternative for borrowers who need to procure additional funds quickly. It's the most obvious benefit that title loans provide for borrowers. It’s not difficult to imagine how difficult it would be to raise a substantial amount of money to solve your immediate problems.

A viable option is to turn to a title loan provider like us where you can find the cash and peace of mind you are seeking. It matters little whether you are looking for a short or long term loan. We can provide both types of title loans in Los Angeles.

Be it a sudden need of money to meet medical expenses or pay off your kid’s tuition fees, Title loans can be the best answer you’re looking for.  

The Best Approach to Getting a Title Loan

Getting a title loan in California is not as complicated as you might think at first and you can apply for a title loan estimate online. Your first step is filling out a form with details that will qualify you for a title loan.

  • Be the owner of a vehicle of any make or model
  • The vehicle must be registered under your name
  • It must have a lien free title  
  • After applying online, you can present the car for evaluation
  • The value of your care will be approved as security against the loan amount
  • You are given cash within an hour
  • You get to keep the car so you can continue driving it

Good News - Your Credit Rating is Not Considered

We don’t bother ourselves with information about your credit rating because it’s of no importance to us. In fact, we don’t even bother to look into your credit history. All we need is your ownership of a car and your willingness to surrender the title on a temporary basis.

We need to know you are the owner of the vehicle, properly registered under your name that we can evaluate and determine the amount of loan we can give you. The repayment of the loan becomes your responsibility. When you pay the loan, the title is returned to you.

This way you get the money you need in a short time and are not subject to the pressures or hassles of getting loans from banks and other lenders with strict approval guidelines.

California Law Governing Title Loans in Huntington Beach CA

The laws in California that regulate the activities of lenders and borrowers is efficiently carried out.

The Automobile Title Loan Consumer Advisory: This body provides guidelines which borrowers need to follow in order not to misuse or misapply the rules when they take out auto title loans in Huntington Beach California.

Article 15 California Constitution: The article makes it possible for individuals, small and large family units to take out loans without being charged exorbitant interest rates.

Car-Title Loan Regulation: The regulations mentioned here are those that are applied by the Consumer Federation of America: It attempts to regulate the activities of lenders and borrowers regarding how both should fulfill their respective responsibilities.


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