Title Loans in Lancaster, California

Having money challenges? You are not the only one and you don’t have to be embarrassed about it either. Have you tried asking your family or friends to loan you the money to pay down your debt or pay overdue bills? How was their reaction? Many of your family and friends could be going through the same thing that you are and not have any extra money to loan to you. Moreover, why would you want to risk the confidentiality factor? No one has to know that you have a money problem; especially if you are seeking help from people that you are not sure can help you. It is best to solicit help from an unbiased party, a title loan lender that understands your plight and will be compassionate toward the situation, providing the fast aid you need to cure your financial situation. That is where you should start. So before you even try to approach family and friends, give the title lender a chance to prove that a title loan in California is the right solution.

The Application

If you want to apply for a title loan quote, rest assured that the process to do so is quick, simple and easy. All you have to do is to go online and complete the short application. Within a few minutes to an hour, a representative will contact you by phone. The phone will initiate the process of acquiring the minimal required paperwork. This would include:

  • Original title of the vehicle
  • Proof of income
  • An ID card or driver’s license

This will pre-approve you. In the meantime, you have to provide information about the vehicle such as the make, model, VIN number and year of vehicle manufacture. With this information, the lender will assess the value of the vehicle. This is when the process gathers speed. You will receive the loan within 24 hours after determining the loan amount.

About Lancaster

The city of Lancaster is comparatively large. It has a reported population of approximately 161,043 and boasts thirty eight neighboring constituents. In the state of California, the city is in thirtieth place on a list of the largest California communities. The city is diverse ethnically and has a wide mix of ethnic and racial cultures and groups. Most racial makeup is White America and then African Americans as well as Hispanics. Go to the city’s official website to learn more.

List of Documentation Needed

In the title loan process, the application process is quick. No credit is necessary. Your vehicle is the collateral and security for the loan. You will need a free and clear title, your driver’s license or valid ID card, proof of auto insurance and proof of income. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply. Income can come from various sources, but mainly from a job, retirement fund, disability benefits, workers’ compensation, award letter for social security benefits and unemployment benefits. If you are self employed, you can use your tax return or three months recent bank statements.

Local Department of Motor Vehicle

  • Address: 1110 W Ave I, Lancaster, CA 93534
  • Phone: 800-777-0133
  • Website

Title Loan Laws

The title loan laws in California cater to both the borrower and lender. If you make an early repayment, then the portion of the entire interest is due, but early repayment allows you to pay less on the outstanding balance. So, you save by paying off the loan early.

Department of Police

  • Jim McDonnell is the Sheriff
  • Address: 501 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93534
  • Phone: 661-948-8466
  • Website

Consumer Protection

National Association of Consumer Advocates is an organization that aids consumers who feel as if their rights have been violated.

The Advantage

If you want to get out of a financial situation, car title loans in Los Angeles are your best option. Don’t procrastinate or wait until you get deeper into this unfortunate situation. Contact a car title loan today.

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