Title Loans in Moreno Valley, CA

People with poor credit can still take out a personal loan by applying for a title loan estimate in Moreno Valley. Unlike banks, title loan lenders will accommodate you regardless of how much or how little credit you have. In most cases, even if you do not have credit, you can still get a personal loan! Loan amounts vary on your vehicle worth. Just like Kelley Blue Book, we follow certain guidelines that will determine the amount we give you. The loan amount may not exceed 50% of your vehicle value in any circumstance however.

Get a Loan by Applying Online!

You may begin the title loan process by filling out a form online! This is an incredibly convenient way to get money whenever you need it, while sitting in your home. Completing this application will get you a free estimate on how much you can borrow from one of our licensed lenders. If you are having second thoughts on taking out a loan after you give us the application, you will not have to worry about paying for any additional fees and can cancel at any time! On the other hand, if you do want to take out a loan, our highly-trained customer service agents will tell you about the next step you need to take. Many of them will notify you of possible documents you may need to take with you to the title loan lender that they have matched you with in Moreno Valley. The documents are:


  • Car title (obtained at a title service in California)*
  • Photo ID (Government-issued: Driver’s License, State ID, Passport)
  • Proof of insurance (For loans that exceed $2,500)
  • Proof of income (Pay stubs, bank statements, misc. forms of income)
  • Proof or residence (Utility bill, government mail)


*Daisy’s Auto Registration

Address: 24035 Sunnymead Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

Phone: (951) 242-9900


Another important item to bring with you that is not paperwork is your vehicle. Title loan lenders have to keep a record of your vehicle description. They may note any dents, or any other damages on your vehicle. Any external or internal damage can affect your loan. Excessive vehicle damage may not even be approved. Any prior car accidents can also change the amount you get.

California Laws on Title Loans

There are regulations placed on title loans in California, which is also categorized as consumer loans under Article 15 of California Constitution. This legal document contains a list of disclosures, and guidelines that must be followed and acknowledged by both parties (title loan lender and borrower). Any information regarding title loans in Los Angeles, descriptions, payment amount, payment dates, form of payment, and interest rates must be clearly defined in the contract and be made aware to the consumer. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions you do not have to sign the contract. In addition, there may be a processing fee depending on how much you are given, any loan below $5,000 will have up to $75 as a fee.

Defaulting your Title Loan

You may find it hard to repay your loan back and agree to a default on the loan. In this case, you must communicate this to the lender prior to the payment date. Depending on your lender, some may have leniency when it comes to late payments. Outlined in your contract are actions your title loan lender may take if you cannot pay back a loan. One of these options is vehicle repossession. You must be notified by the title loan lender within 20 days of your default if they choose to repossess.


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